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Gain knowledge, experience and insight to help people understand themselves and express themselves fully. We created two powerful paths for you to travel for life changing Intimacy Studies.

Information Annex

Sexologists: A Distinguished Profession
A Definition of Intimacy Anxiety Disorder
Health and Intimacy Studies: A Deeper Perspective
People in the US and many times that around the globe suffer from Intimacy Anxiety Disorder
Of Couples Desire A More Intimate, Exploratory Relationship With Their Partner
Of People Have Sexual Desires They’ve Never Expressed With Their Partners, But Want To

A Letter from DiaNova President David Floyer

Welcome to the DiaNova Institute, an educational program within the DiaNova Foundation, a religious, non-profit organization newly established in San Francisco, California in 2017.

DiaNova focuses on 10 million people in the US and many times that around the globe who suffer from Intimacy Anxiety Disorder (see Appendix C). These people struggle to create close relationships and/or build families. The reasons are numerous, including relationship abuse and scars, religious fears, rape, sexual trauma, deep feelings of unworthiness and even challenges related to the autism spectrum. Many of people are desperately lonely and see life passing them by and many have often tried traditional methods, but they rarely work. They want to create strong relationships and families and contribute to their communities but often cannot find a way.

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