Letter from President
David Floyer

Welcome to the DiaNova Institute, an educational program within the DiaNova Foundation, a religious, non-profit organization newly established in San Francisco, California in 2017.

DiaNova focuses on 10 million people in the US and many times that around the globe who suffer from Intimacy Anxiety Disorder (see Appendix C). These people struggle to create close relationships and/or build families. The reasons are numerous, including relationship abuse and scars, religious fears, rape, sexual trauma, deep feelings of unworthiness and even challenges related to the autism spectrum. Many of these people are desperately lonely and see life passing them by and many have often tried traditional methods, but they rarely work. They want to create strong relationships and families and contribute to their communities but often cannot find a way.

DiaNova endeavors to bring these 10 million people back from despair to the joy of partnership. DiaNova is built on a proven DiaNova methodology created by Dr. Elaine Floyer, which takes spirituality as a foundation for allowing the mind and body to integrate and heal. DiaNova has been built on a strong set of spiritual tenets (see in separate section of this catalogue). The Foundation has set up a specific Institute as its educational arm to not only develop mentors and therapists with the skills necessary to successfully apply the spiritual and practical methodologies but also experience a rewarding career and make a significant difference in the integration of people’s lives.

“DiaNova is built on a proven DiaNova methodology created by Dr. Elaine Floyer, which takes spirituality as a foundation for allowing the mind and body to integrate and heal.”

DiaNova is diligently pursuing groundbreaking work on creating both an academically and experientially-based certification program that will be local-agency ready; in our case, we will coordinate first with the City and County of San Francisco and then expand throughout California, the U.S., and eventually internationally. As such, one of our foremost goals is to create a safe, reliable and legally-supported profession that will meet the exacting needs of their clients and do so by going above and beyond the required accreditation, state or federal requirements.

At DiaNova our focus is also to educate other healthcare and related professionals on how to identify people with potential intimacy anxiety issues and on directing and referring people to our tools and methodologies for assessing and diagnosing such problems. We are committed to strive constantly to improve and keep relevant our methods, tools, and efficiency.

DiaNova has three stakeholder groups, faculty, students and community investors. We need an outstanding and well-rewarded faculty to build the programs to teach the students to become leaders in the field that will help heal the 10 million sufferers. We need the outstanding students that will pioneer the widespread deployment of the DiaNova methodologies. We need community investors that will catalyze the development of the DiaNova programs, and attract the best students independent of ability to pay. As president and on behalf of the board, we are dedicating our time and effort to create these programs and will keep all our stakeholders informed about our journey, the challenges and successes, and the difference–the social return–DiaNova is creating.

David Floyer
President, DiaNova Foundation
San Francisco, CA
650 888-5955