DiaNova Foundation and Health and Intimacy Studies Institute Staff

Aurora DanaiAdministrative Assistant
Aurora Danai is the Administrative Assistant for DiaNova Institute. She is very pleased to be working with the DiaNova Institute to address a global crisis of sexual abuse & change the culture around consent, and healing with Intimacy Studies for individuals impacted by Intimacy Anxiety Disorder, Post Sexual Trauma and PTSD. Aurora has a background of supporting new as well as time honored cultural Institutions in production, marketing, event planning, fundraising and bringing together community. Aurora has also managed the personal business ventures of public figures as well as event planning & production for Fortune 500 companies with Williams Gerard Productions, a strategic communications agency. She has privately and publicly produced many retreats and events in the U.S. and internationally, as well as producing film and video productions which would go on to become viral videos amassing millions of views. Aurora previously received a merit based scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago, to go on to serve the Museum of the Art Institute in a variety of formats including working with the Blind Service Association’s Art Insights program, and the Art Institute’s Elderhostel program.