Sexual Dysfunction and Treatment – Intimacy and Anxiety Disorder

Sexual Dysfunction and Treatment Part 1 with Dr. Elaine Floyer and Guests

Have you ever wanted to help others recover from sexual abuse trauma?
Do you wonder why traditional therapies often fail to help patients recover?
Have you been sexually abused or suffer from PTSD & Intimacy Anxiety?
Do you want to experience the power of giving and receiving touch therapy?

General Overview:

This is a graduate and post-graduate level on-line class that will start with a basic understanding of the seven major sexual disorders. They are discussed as presented in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

The Online Class

The on-line class will then look in depth at two anxiety disorders that are prevalent in survivors of severe sexual trauma. These are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and long-termIntimacy Anxiety Disorder (IAD). The class will discuss how they fit in the DSM and will also explore the ways that survivors frame and explain their avoidance of intimacy.

The class will also discuss the traditional therapies available for PTSD & IAD, and why they often fail.  The class looks in detail at the theory and practice of new therapies such as touch therapy, and how it can be used to treat long-term and deeply engrained sexual anxieties. The on-line class is 40 hours in length and is a pre-requisite for the powerful and intensive in-person, optional extension class.

The Optional Live Class

The in-person extension class will look in detail at the therapeutic power of touch. Students will be able to practice giving and receiving touch and understand when and how this can be applied as therapy. Previous students give strong positive feedback on the power of touch in their own lives. Of course, any participation in giving and receiving touch is optional. Non-participation will have no impact on the assessment of students. The in-person class will be held in San Francisco and will be 8 hours in length. 


At the end of the class, students will have:

  • basic understanding of sexual disorders in DSM-5 and how healthcare providers use it for treatment recommendations.
  • An understanding of the etiology of sexual dysfunctions and disorders as an interaction between psychological, biological, and interpersonal factors, and the ability to recognize multiple manifestations of this complex process.
  • An understanding of the psychological impact of severe sexual trauma and how it can lead to PTSD and Intimacy Anxiety Disorder.
  • An understanding of the impact of Intimacy Anxiety Disorder on survivors of sexual assault.
  • An understanding of when and how touch therapy can be used as treatment for sexual assault survivors suffering from Intimacy Anxiety Disorder.
  • Experience of the power of touch therapies (optional).
  • An understanding of the ethics of touch as therapy as well as its potential to enhance intimacy.

Class Details:

• Remote learning via email, extensive streaming video and digital resources (40 hours).

• Remote learning in real-time using on-line class meetings (4 hours).

• In-class-room instruction (8 hours in San Francisco, optional).

• Assessments: Final Test Exam: Case vignettes, multiple-choice and Essay.

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